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Alexander Cabot

Third Degree High Priest of
The Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple

"Be A Light Unto Darkness So You May Be The Balance Of The Universe"©

Reverend High Priest Alexander Cabot


Virgo Witch

Release Date: Nov 2023

Become the best version of yourself by uniting your witchcraft and Virgo sun sign. Featuring stories, exercises, spells, and recipes, Virgo Witch helps raise your witchcraft to its highest potential.

Contributing Author Alexander Cabot



Born in Havana, Cuba, on an “old moon” in September’s Autumnal Equinox, he was an only child, because his mother had a miscarriage before he came along. The miscarriage was the result of a hex she suffered, due to an envious and deceitful relative. Alexander grew up knowing that he was born to counteract that spell, and to save his mother’s happiness and life.

Living in New York, at a very tender age he was taught the esoteric traditions of a line of men in his family. Within that lineage, his great grandfather, grandfather, and father, all Masons with strong backgrounds in the occult sciences, presented a good influence for him to model himself after. Although he wasn’t English, he was genuinely curious and heartfully drawn to British Traditional Witchcraft at the early age of eleven, through his study of many authors including, but not limited to, Gerald Gardner, Sybil Leek, and Doreen Valiente.

At thirteen years of age, he was initiated into Palo Mayombe, a Cuban tradition stemming from the Congo region of Africa. Then he began his spiritual studies of “El Envangelio De Alan Kardec” at El Templo La Luz, Cristobal De Jesus, and was crowned on his 19th birthday. African spirit guides carried him to be initiated into an African diaspora religion, called the Lucumi Tradition (Santeria in Cuba). He was the right-hand man for an Oriate, or Chief High Priest.

Alexander was later initiated and taught two traditions, namely the Welsh Tradition and the New York Wica tradition, a derivative of Gardnerian Witchcraft, by Lady Rhea throughout the ’90s. He rested from study and focused on his surgical profession for a number of years after that. Having developed and stabilized his career, he decided to return to the fellowship of the craft, renewing his spiritual journey on the Great Sabbat, Samhain, in 2009. Being mentored, initiated, and ordained by the “Official Witch of Salem”, Reverend Laurie Cabot, High Priestess, his communal energies are now in Salem, Massachusetts as well as in New York City, where he resides, as a High Priest of The Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple and an elder in his community.


In 2014, he was made an international ambassador of the Cabot tradition, promoting religious tolerance in Brazil with an ecumenical parade and many workshops for the Portuguese-speaking community. He has been a sponsor and supporter of the first Latin American museum of Witchcraft and Magick in Sao Paulo.


As a representative for his elders, he has supported the efforts to restore the bones of the ancestors to Stonehenge, and was raised (knighted) by the Chief Druid, and inducted into the “Loyal Arthurian Warband”.


Over the last few years, Alexander Cabot has shared his inspiring story with his first published book, “Memoirs of a High Priest”. He also has contributed to other literary works. In addition, he was the first Cabot invited to attend the Parliament of World Religions in 2023. In 2024, he made a pilgrimage to the Fellowship of Isis, at Huntington Castle in Ireland.


Alexander currently resides in New York City, working and actively serving as High Priest of the Goddess, continuing his journey of love, humanity and spirituality.


Books & Publications

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

Vesticja Revija Article Published 2017



Vesticja Revija Article Published 2017


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I am available for educational presentations, healing services and to preside over weddings, vow renewals, funerals.

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