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The Witch's Brew

Published by Circle of Ancient Sisters, Pagan Magazine

July, Aug., September 2020

 The Witch's Brew is a quarterly magazine for the Pagan community. Each issue contains information, guides, and news of groups around the globe. 
This Issue contains
Spotlight Alexander Cabot
Egyptian Astrology
Healing Herbs of Egypt
and much more.

Vesticja Revija

Published by Vesticja Revija, 2017

 Vesticja Revija meaning "Witch's Review" in English is a  Croatian digital magazine that highlights  members and topics of the Pagan community from around the world. 


Alexander Cabot, Third Degree High Priest with Teresa Sliwinski and Jean-Jerome C. Baudry!Ancestral Eyes E26
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Up Close & PersonalWith Alfred Willowhawk
00:00 / 47:55
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